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Rendered Products

Rendering is the cycle that changes over result from the meat and domesticated animals industry into usable material. The entirety of the delivering measures include the utilisation of warmth, the extraction of dampness. Cycle control is performed and checked by means of PC innovation so that time/temperature
accounts for suitable warm execute values for explicit microorganisms are achieved.The delivering measure changes over crude creature tissue into different protein, fat, and mineral item dinners.

Our plant has been planned so that all the prerequisites are satisfied by current approaches to finish the necessity the of our customers. We have adjusted all the new methods that makes it the manner in which it is, HMA in all of its abattoirs’ delivers the best monetarily disinfected meat, bone meal, blood meal and particular animal fat utilising new rough materials .



The respect of business germ free poultry feed supplement which will trade soya doc for proteins and will totally change DCN for phosphorus It’s without germ and also improved with supplements like proteins with better amino corrosive profile,, calcium and phosphorus with better bio availability ,bio Distribution and fats that are ideal for quicker development.. The strong portion is then ground into a powder, like meat and bone meal, blood meal and fats . The (fat) can be explained through emptying or settling.. It contains fats that are ideal for faster growth and immunity development for chickens.

PFS is higher in phosphorus, energy, iron, and zinc than soybean . The phosphorus level in PFS is seven-crease more prominent than that found in soybean and is in a structure that is exceptionally accessible to domesticated animals and poultry.



Blood meal is a dry, idle powder produced using blood, utilised as a high-nitrogen natural compost and a high protein creature feed. N = 13.25%, P = 1.0%, K = 0.6%. It is one of the greatest non-engineered wellsprings of nitrogen. Blood meal can be utilised as a domesticated animals dietary enhancement and is chiefly added to supply dietary lysine for dairy cattle, fish and poultry.Prior to utilise, it is at times blended in with molasses. Blood meal, bone meal, and other creature side-effects are allowed in guaranteed natural creation as soil corrections. Blood Meal produced in our plant is also an additional feed for Brassica crops (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage), as a spring feeding for alliums (garlic and onions) and in soils that are seriously depleted of nitrogen.


Tallow is a delivered type of meat, essentially comprised of fatty substances. It is strong at room temperature. fat can be put away for expanded periods without the requirement for refrigeration to forestall disintegration, if it is kept in an impermeable holder to forestall oxidation. Fat can be utilised for the creation of biodiesel similarly as oils from plants are right now used.Because fat is gotten from creature side-effects, which have almost no incentive to business food ventures, it dodges a portion of the food versus fuel banter. Other than using in animal feed industry animal fat has many more advantages like it is better for saponification value which is chemical reaction it is used in laundry soap production also its used in textile, biodiesel and lubricant industry.